OBM3s vs OBM4s 4s match report courtesy of Dr Mark Graham:

Thanks to a wonderfully flat league structure, OBs were yet again found playing with themselves. Demanding better working conditions, the keeper union was amid a strike. As such, both teams played with 10 men outfield – often not even that.

Both teams (eventually) started to play with some very good structure making full use of the pitch space. Transfers left, right, and sometimes even left again. The 4s infamous striking duo adapted well, expertly cutting the pitch like a 3am pizza from Sorrentos. Well, at least the Veo footage seemed to suggest this, who knows?

In the second half, Robbo did his best to impersonate Neil from the inbetweeners dispatching a fish, narrowly escaping DOD but not my forehead. Both teams began to fade in the last 10 minutes, along with any memory of my own name.
More importantly, most made it to the clubhouse to cement a lovely day with a great group of blokes.

Score = No keepers so something akin to England v South Africa, the history book will say 3-0 to the 3s.

Collective DOD = Dr Mackerel for too much intensity and playing in everyone else’s position

Collective MOM = Dave Maplestone [2nd consecutive – it’s a jug if it’s a 3rd…..]