If unsure which category applies or there are any changes to your circumstances, please email the Membership Secretary at obhcmembership@gmail.com.

Membership update for OBHC website – July 2022
Annual Subs
Annual subs will be added to player accounts in September or a month after joining (as a % of the remaining season), see table below for the various membership categories and their associated fees.

Membership Category

Annual Fee
Applicable to:
Adult 🏑
Adults in employment
Junior 🏑
Under 18s as of Sep 1st at start of season
Adults currently unemployed (or </=2d/wk), in full time further education, or Over 65s, GKs and committee members
Social 🏑
Non-player but a regular user of facilities who wants to contribute
Play mixed or masters only (no training)
Studying/working away so occasional play only
Staff 🏑
Non-playing umpires and coaches, parent co-ordinators etc
Pay per match
Where play will be limited to just a few occasions. Increased match fees apply so not cost effective beyond 5 appearances (no training)
Non-player 🏑
Absent for the season due to injury, illness or pregnancy
Suspended membership for personal reasons but intend to return
Suspect that member has left the club; awaiting confirmation

Match Fees

Winter match fees are £11 for adults, with an £8 Junior / Concession rate in senior games.

Match fees for Masters, Mixed, Summer and Junior games are £7, with a concession rate of £5 for Mixed and Summer.

Match fees for Pay as you play membership are £20, with a reduced rate of £15 for Masters, Mixed and Summer.

💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳 💳
We ask that all match fees are paid by Direct Debit via ClubBuzz; monthly statements are issued to show what will be taken in advance. Bank transfers are acceptable but not preferred.

We no longer take cash payments.

New Members

If you are new to the club this year, please contact the membership secretary, 
obhcmembership@gmail.com, and you will be sent an online form to complete.
If you have any queries about Junior training and events then please get in touch at 
Once joined, your log-in details for ClubBuzz will be sent to you so that you can see your account and personal information held and then set up a direct debit.

The Club takes out General Insurance to cover volunteers, players and equipment. However, there is no specific Personal Accident insurance as this is dependent upon specific health conditions.