What is it?
Flyerz is the name widely associated with grassroots disability-inclusive hockey in Great Britain.

There are now more than 50 Flyerz sections across England, Wales, and Scotland, providing
inclusive hockey for all…with some international links too!

OB’s are very pleased to run the Flyerz group in Bristol!

Who is it for?
Flyerz is for everyone. It is for all disabled and non-disabled people and their families, inclusive of
any disability and long-term health condition.

Parents, carers, and siblings are encouraged to join
in the fun – the more the merrier! Most of our Flyerz players are juniors currently, but anyone is

We’re always interested in having more coaches and volunteers so if you’d like to help out with
sessions then get in touch!

How do I find out more information?
Get in touch with Lizzie, our Flyerz rep at: